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If you could change or create a new law, what would it be, and why?

I would make it legal to cover your identity in a public place. This way muslim chicks wouldn't have rights above and beyond the rights I have. Or better yet, leave the law as it is and don't make special allowances for religious belief. 

battle of the bands.

Brisbane heat of the global battle of the bands is this Sat at O'malleys in the city. The event is FREE and Apple Fat are playing at about 5pm. Iff you don't turn up and vote for Apple Fat your loved ones will all be afflicted by some horrible disease. True story.
Sat the  21ST
Well I quit my job today, and it feels freaking great. I have half a mind to report the company I worked for to some sort of authority. 

Here is a list of my gripes.

When I was working there a year ogo I was on $25 per hour, and when I asked if I could work there again I assumed I would be on the same rate (silly me for not checking). After being there for a week I get told because I am no longer managing I would be on $23 per hour, fair enough I thought. Then when I tried to get a pay slip the boss does his "oh shit I forgot to print it/ I'll have it tommorow/ didn't Alysia give it to you?/ Gee I'm really busy can you wait until next week?" routine. This went on for 6 weeks, during which time I was convinced I was not getting anywhere near as much money as I should be. When I finally got Alysia to print out all my slips I find that not only am I not being paid for all the hours I'm doing but every week except for the first week I have been paid at $21 per hour! I called the owner of the company and complained and he said he told my boss there had to be budget cuts and everyone in my department was to be paid no more than $21 per hour as he couldn't afford to pay any more than that and if my boss didn't pass that message on that wasn't his problem. When I asked for my time cards to check the hours against the pay slip he said he burns them!!!

Apart from the obvious problems here, I was particularly annoyed because A) one of my co worker's slips showed he was on $25 per hour, and B) Someone who owns a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Rolls Royce, who sets monthly sales goals equating to $400 000 profit per month (100 sales at just over 4 grand per sale) can not say he can't afford to pay his staff properly. I told him I was not happy to work for $21 per hour as in the last 2 weeks I had 12 sales attached to my name (I only do 20 hrs per week) wich means I make him 48 thousand dollars and get paid $840. Only I didn't get $840, I got $600. Not happy, Jan! I then said I wanted to sit down with him and talk about it and he said he might have a meeting with me in a few weeks. Then he calls Alysia and says no one is to get pay slips any more!!!! Yes that's right you can't check your time cards OR see what you have been paid. Apparently it's none of my business what they're paying me.

One of my co-workers was in the same boat, only he had been underpaid for an entire year! When asked to be backpaid the owner simply said there was no signed document saying what the pay rate was and thus my co worker had no legal recourse.

So the marketing manager is a slimy lying little fuck and the owner is an ass hole. Thus my quitting the job.
I got to play the guitar today it was fucking mad! Hurt a bit and my hand was all tight however it still felt good. God damn it I've got hay fever ............ I hate hay fever

I'm turning into a real slob of late, I have grown a Jesus beard and all. I think I'm gong to have to go back to work soon. Without the fear of god in you it's hard to find the motivation to do much at all. I do kind of like not knowing or caring what day of week it is however it has it's draw backs. For one, friday night doesn't mean shit anymore. Also the days are starting to get shorter and shorter. I just can't seem to get anything done in a day anymore.

I have discovered two awesome things this week. The first is that savory crepes are freaking mad, and secondly.....shit I forgot the other thing. Damn I'm stoned.

Well I can't think of anything to write so fuck you very much until next time.     :)


I awoke on a couch down the gold coast in an alcohol induced cocktail of blurry eyes and nausea. The Australia day eve shin dig my father had put on was clearly a success. But the party was over and I, unlike everyone around me had to go to work. I collected myself and made my way to the train station. My god I thought I was going to spew as I approached the extremely boared looking man behind the ticket window. I bought my ticket and sat down on the shadiest seat I could see.

My mind was on idle, like a wheel spinning in the sand. I was just beginning to relax when BOOM!!!!! The sound barrier was broken by a jet with its after burners on, tearing over head at unthinkable speeds. Now the first thing that happened was my heart stopped for about a milli second and then my mind made the  boom, - jet, - Australia day,  connection.

Then I started to think. Australia day is this day thats supposed to be all about bbq's with the family, having a day off and getting together.  So naturally the government pays to have a machine designed to kill people tear through the sky to mark the occasion. What the fuck? Does this mean the powers that be want us to think about military might when we think of Australian values? Are we to see ourselves as a military country ready to rain terror uppon any who dare to oppose? Or is it a message to us the people that we have no choice but to stay in line as they the government are too powerfull to be opposed in any way.

Holy shit its after 3! ive got to work tomorrow! 
untill next time ........... 

To eat, or not to eat; that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous malnourishment, or, to take arms against a see of hungers, and by eating, end them.